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  • After-school Tutor is a Model Mentor

    January is National Mentoring Month, and our United Way Volunteer Center is sharing mentor stories all month long. We are hosting our annual Mentor and Tutor Volunteer Fair on Friday, January 30 from 11:00 - 2:00. You can meet 14 location organizations that need volunteers to be mentors and tutors. To learn more about the local organizations attending the fair, who would love to help you become a mentor or tutor, visit

  • Adults Need Mentors, Too!

    Louise Proffitt is a Literacy Volunteer. "Once you start and get excited about helping somebody, you find the way," she said. "There are so many resources here and the staff here are wonderful. The person on the other side is just as nervous as you are, so there isn't any judging going on. It's all about just helping each other."

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January is National Mentoring Month

One of the simplest ways to change a child's life is to become a mentor or tutor. There are many kids in our community who need positive role models and knowledgeable guides to help them get on and stay on successful paths through life. We are fortunate to have many wonderful local organizations that work with kids and families, and they all need volunteers! On Friday, January 30, our United Way Volunteer Center is hosting our annual Mentor & Tutor Volunteer Fair from 11:00 - 2:00 at the Omni Hotel. Here is the flyer that you can download listing all the organizations and our wonderful sponsors.


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