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  • United Way Day of Caring Planning in Full Swing

    Our United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring may not be until September 17, however we are fielding daily emails and phone calls about agency projects and volunteer teams. Although the event is a couple of months away, coordinating the anticipated 2,300 volunteers with the 200+ projects from more than 100 local schools and nonprofit agencies does require lots of advance time.

  • United Way Family Volunteer Day

    Several times a month, we get phone calls from local parents wondering how they can teach their children to think about other people's needs and to understand that not everyone has many of the things they take for granted. However, it can be hard to find volunteer opportunities appropriate for children under 14. Our first United Way Family Volunteer Day is a way to help families share the spirit of giving and learn about volunteer opportunities in our community.

United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring

On September 17, 2014, we anticipate more than 2,300 volunteers from local businesses and organization participating in our 23rd Annual United Way Laurence E. Richardson Day of Caring. Volunteers teams will help local nonprofits and schools with landscaping, painting, cleaning, organizing, envelope stuffing, computer networking, photography and so much more! There will be Bingo and dancing with seniors, a carnival for adults with disabilities, Meals on Wheels deliveries and books read to school children.

It is our hope that these volunteers will be inspired to help local nonprofits year-round after experiencing how fun and rewarding it can be to lend a hand. Learn more at
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