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Nonprofits and Schools: the 2015 United Way

Day of Caring is Coming!Day of Caring painting


The 2015 United Way Day of Caring will be held on Wednesday, September 16.


Project registration is open NOW for schools and coming in June for local nonprofit organizations! We are working to expand the event to accommodate more volunteers. We need additional project choices this year, NOT to replace existing projects, but to offer more options for volunteers with a variety of skills and interests.

Brainstorm project ideas NOW! Projects might require special volunteer skills or interests, or be more general. For example:

   ~Teach our staff/clients to use Excel/Word/etc.

   ~Tune up our organization’s vehicle(s).

   ~Teach a financial literacy class to our clients/students.

   ~Paint/mulch/clean up.


Has your agency/school hosted a project before?

If so, watch your email for announcements about project registration.


Is your agency new to the Day of Caring?

Please contact Megan Borishansky at to be added to our contact list.


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